Canbigold has developed unique modular container growth units through its patented intellectual property that meets international ISO standards, allowing new or current ventures to scale up on growing, vegetation, flowering and drying modules as necessary. These
unique modular growth units allow for a more dynamic business model within a rapidly changing landscape.

With its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa it already has an international reach through its subsidiaries and partnerships. By specialising in the design, modification and manufacturing of hydroponic equipped shipping containers Canbigold is positioned positively impact the cannabis growing industry.  

Immediate focus is on establishing the modular growth units as the market standard in turn-key cannabis cultivation with rapid integration of the Canbigold subsidiaries. The aim is to form an international entity with a long-term focus on becoming a global competitor in the production of medicinal cannabis products.



The scalability of modular container cannabis cultivation is simply unparalleled when compared to conventional methods with the same area footprint. Expansion is uncomplicated by adding modular container growth units as needed to meet specific requirements.

CMCG-UNIT Fortress


The Fortress is a highly secured single scalable facility housing 15 CMCG-Units, including security entrance, biometric access control and cctv monitoring, seed storage area and laboratory, clean rooms, packing area, final sorting, drying, packing, storage and disposal areas.

Each Fortress is equipped with state-of-the-art air-flow systems as wellas HOCL (hypochlorous acid) wet wall and fogging systems, ensuring the highest levels in containing contamination risk.

Current and likely cannabis producers are expected to produce the majority of their products at open area (including tunnel) agricultural facilities rather than brick-and-mortar warehouse-type buildings, this is mainly due to high capital lay-out.  Conversant skilled staff and quality-controlled environments will play a critical role in the success of cannabis producers’, further driving home the point that controlled fundamentals
such as consistent supply and quality assurance as well as crop safety, matters as much to producers as traditional methods.

A Fortress can be erected and fully operational under ISO standard much faster than current concepts from site preparation to production. Producing its first yield within 20 weeks, allowing 4 weeks for system checking and contingency factors.  This turn-key concept allows for scalability under controlled methodology which generates turnover in 9 months from inception.

Canbigold Modular Container Growth Unit (CMCG-Unit)


Hydroponic Cannabis Containers are the fastest and most versatile way to launch or expand on a licensed Cannabis operation. Canbigold aspire to provide turnkey grow solutions that will streamline the start-up process and generate revenue in as little time as possible.


Canbigold’s vision is to bring exceptional health benefits to the global market through its innovative cannabis cultivation systems and products.


Canbigold’s mission is to create world leading innovation in the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis.

Canbigold is a private company registered in South Africa, which specialises in the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis and related products utilising unique patented intellectual property.

Canbigold is geared to transform into a
Public company during 2019.



Canbigold is the holding company of five subsidiary companies specialising in medicinal cannabis diligently committed to list on both the South African 4AX stock exchange as well an anticipated listing on the Canadian exchange.