Hydroponic Cultivation Containers

 We have developed unique modular shipping container growth units that meet international standards, allowing new and current growers to scale up to meet demand in the rapidly expanding Cannabis industry by utilising hydroponic airflow systems with controlled humidity and CO2.  

Cannabis Fortress

Total investment for a fortress, which consists of nine fully operational containers, pays for the complete growth process from germination through to drying, cutting and packaging.


Fortress Production

In ideal conditions, such as in the CanbiGold containers, each plant produces an average of 100 grams of Grade 1 Cannnabis vegetation per month, giving a total monthly yield of 25,000 grams per fortress.


Yield Return

The racking configuration in the three flowering containers holds 250 plants, which are pruned to a length of 100cm, thus allowing for optimal yield per square metre.

Such a complete system allows for 12 crops per annum, based on the proven parameters of organic hydroponic farming and the unique Intellectual Property of CanbiGold.

Hydroponic Farming



Do I need a cultivation license to purchase a fortress?

No, you do not need a license to purchase a fortress, however you need a license to legally cultivate Cannabis in both Lesotho and South Africa.

Increase yield - lower production risk!

Organic cultivation containers are proven to increase yield as well as lower the risk of production loss.



Hydroponic System

C02 Enriched Growth Chamber

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